Born Stephanie Sabrina out of Pomona, CA, you know this classic beauty as international hair and body spokesmodel Sabrina Sky. On the scene since 2000, Sabrina's modeling career took off in 2005, leading to features in "Smooth" and being named one the 100 sexiest women in "Black Men's" magazine. Her timeless elegance can be seen in movies such as "Horrible Bosses 2" and "The Last Fall", or television shows like "Blackish" and "Grandfathered". She's been featured in music videos by Dr. Dre and Enrique Iglesias, as well as created a blog called "Brains Beyond Beauty" with Sabrina Sky's Tip of the Day. Off screen she's a mother, painter, writer, herbal medicine enthusiast and legal marijuana advocate. Keep an eye out for much more from the lovely Sabrina Sky.

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